Episode 14

Published on:

21st Feb 2020

#14: Dr. Jason Brooks - ReSet!

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On this very special episode of High Performance Life, Chris talks with bestselling author and podcasting superstar, Dr. Jason Brooks!

Listen along as they discuss Dr. Brook's bestselling book, Reset, and learn how to reset your life in areas that need a boost.

Episode 13

Published on:

7th Feb 2020

#13: Caliente Contouring with Brittany Hendrickson

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On this episode Chris talks to Brittany Hendrickson about Caliente Contouring, which is a girth reduction service using acupuncture materials and a heat source to trim fat! Created and pattented by Farrah Haley.

Episode 12

Published on:

1st Feb 2020

#12: Dave Kempfert - Youth Sports

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On this episode of High Performance Life Chris talks with former NFL player Dave Kempfert.

Join us as we discuss youth sports and avoiding injuries.

Episode 11

Published on:

23rd Jan 2020

#11: Farrah and Gina

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On this episode, Chris welcomes back Farrah and Gina to talk about pain relief and other interesting topics!

Episode 10

Published on:

1st Nov 2019

#10: High Performance Hiking

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On this episode Chris talks with Lori and Brycen about the hiking they've each done on the Appalachian Trail.

They discuss equipment and other interesting hikes!

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